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Woman Sues Northwestern After Doctor Posted Drunk Photos

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A former Northwestern University student is suing Northwestern Memorial Hospital and one of its doctors for invasion of privacy, after the doctor allegedly took pictures of her while she was being treated for extreme intoxication, and shared the pictures online.

Elena Chernyakova was admitted to Northwestern in June, after an episode of binge drinking.

In her lawsuit, she alleges a doctor who wasn't involved in her treatment – but knew her through a mutual friend – came into her room, and took pictures of her crying while hooked up to an IV.

She claimed Dr. Vinaya Puppala posted those photos on Facebook and Instagram, along with commentary about her condition, even though she did not give him permission, and was in no condition to consent.

The lawsuit also alleges Puppula ignored an order from hospital security staff to delete the photos.

Chernyakova said it could ruin her career prospects, and is seeking more than $1.5 million in damages.

The hospital said an invasion of privacy is unacceptable, and said Puppala acted entirely on his own.

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