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Woman In Poland Helps Highland Park Family Find Their Missing Dog

(CBS) -- Who could have imagined it? A dog lost in Highland Park is found, thanks to a woman in Poland. How did it happen? CBS 2's Mike Parker has this original report.

Bryce the dog is back in Highland Park with family and friends after quite an adventure. Last week he chased a truck down the street, was hit, broke his leg and limped off – stunned. He disappeared.

His owner, Amy Silverman, started searching.

"I came home," she recalls, "and immediately went to Facebook and said, 'Social media I need your help. We lost our dog. Here's a picture of him.'"

Amy included her phone number.

Three days later in Deerfield, a half mile away, two little girls spotted a tired, hungry and injured dog in their grandfather's backyard. The grandfather, Zbigniew Cianciara, was on the phone with one of his daughters, Eva Banka, who was in Poland, and mentioned spotting the dog to her.

"She said, 'Oh my God I just saw a black dog on my Facebook, that the dog was actually missing in Highland Park, and I'm going to call the lady,'" recalled Cianciara.

Silverman's phone rang.

"I got a call from and woman and she said, 'Is this Amy?' I said yes and she said, 'My name is Eva. I'm calling from Poland and I found your dog,'" she said.

Silverman says of social media now, "I may not want to know what you had for dinner last night, (but) there are certainly great reasons to post and get help."

Once Bryce was found and snuggled and loved, he had surgery for his broken leg. He'll have to wear a metal brace for 12 weeks, but he'll be fine.

It is a small world after all.

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