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Watch: 'Billy Cub' Throws Punch After Mascot Head Ripped Off By Rude Bar Patron

(CBS) A man wearing a Cubs mascot costume who has no affiliation with the team threw a punch at a bar patron in Wrigleyville who had ripped his mascot head on Saturday.

The man was reportedly Patrick Weier, who told the Chicago Tribune that he was provoked. The video of the fight below only shows him punching a patron after the man ripped his costume head off.

Weier is one of several men who has been wearing the brown bear costume -- known as "Billy Cub" -- out and around Wrigley Field for the past seven years. They've reportedly been told by the Cubs to stop wearing the costume, but they've continued to do so.

From the Tribune:

Patrick Weier said he was visiting patrons at the bar when a man shoved him and pushed him down. Weier said he then got back up and returned to taking photos with a group. The man continued to provoke him and tried to take the small cooler where he carries his tips, and eventually grabbed the bear head off his costume, Weier said.

"He assaulted me first," Patrick Weier said.

The Tribune reported no police were called to John Barleycorn, so it doesn't sound like anything more is coming of it.

Click here for more history on the men behind "Billy Cub" and their dispute with the Cubs.


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