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Walter's Perspective: Obama's Voting Stunt An Expensive One

CHICAGO (CBS) – Well, it's about time in the race to the White House that finally, Illinois is in the news:

The president in Chicago, posing for pictures in a polling place, in and out of here in three hours, traveling by Air Force One and his helicopter, his limousine, with his communications and Secret Service, at a cost of $1 million at least.

I called the White House to ask how much of the million we taxpayers will pay for Chicago security, and the police to block streets when parents were trying to pick up their kids after school.

What about spending $1 million? The Obama press people gave me an earful of no answers and no comments. But it was obvious their plan for the day: to portray the president as Average Joe in a polling place.

A million dollars for a few pictures to make him look good. I think it makes him look bad.

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