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Violent Weekend In Chicago: More Than 30 People Wounded In Shootings

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Calls for action and the police said everyone in the city of Chicago is accountable.

An alarming surge in gun violence. Dozens have been shot in Chicago since midnight.

CPD said 34 people were shot. Several were killed. The spike in violence CPD called one of the most violent weekends in memory.

Response To Chicago's Violent Weekend by CBS Chicago on YouTube

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports.

The pain of dozens of families echoed through the parking lot of Stroger Hospital. Some needing comfort and help to stand upright. Others, so stricken by grief, they could no longer stand.

Police said between 10:00 Saturday morning and 10:00 Sunday morning, more than 30 were shot, five were killed.

Octavia White said her daughter was one of the victims.

"She got shot in her back, she got shot in her leg, she got shot in her feet but she's alright," said White.

CPD Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said some arrests have been made and investigations continue in areas like Gresham, Lawndale and Austin.

"We know that some of these incidents were targeted and are related to gang conflicts in those areas," said Waller who added that despite the recent numbers, shootings are down more than 30 percent and more than 5,500 illegal guns have been taken off the streets.

But it is not enough.

"It is absolutely outrageous. It's a state of emergency in our city," said Father Michael Pfleger. Less than four weeks ago, he and others shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway to prevent this level of violence. But the way the most recent shootings occurred, at least four of the crime scenes can be classified as mass shootings.

"(If it was) someplace else in the country, the whole country would be talking about that this morning. It would be world news and national news. Four types of shootings going on in Chicago, it's a weekend in Chicago. A rough weekend," said Pfleger. "No it's not a rough weekend! It's absolutely ridiculous. It's unacceptable.

Chicago police said additional patrols will be placed in the impacted areas.

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