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Video: Man Attacked, Left For Dead; Bystanders Do Nothing

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Nobody helped a popular bartender when he was attacked at a North Side convenience store, knocked unconscious, robbed, run over by a cab and left for dead in the street.

The entire incident, which happened outside a 7-Eleven store at Hubbard and State on Feb. 7, was caught on security cameras.

The video shows Marques Gaines, wearing a blue shirt, being confronted by another man who appears to be agitated.

The man then punches Gaines in the head, knocking him into the street, unconscious.

At least one person runs up and appears to steal his wallet and a crowd immediately surrounds Gaines.


They then walk away, leaving Gaines in the street motionless for about two minutes.

As police arrive, one cab driver appears to try to get out of the way of squad cars and runs over Gaines, killing him.

Gaines' family has filed a lawsuit against 7-11, contending the store should be held liable.

"Who are we has people? Don't we love each other anymore?" said Gaines' cousin Drexina Nelson. done something.

"7-Eleven needs to put a competent, trained security person in a location like this, so the situation is diffused" said lawyer Chris Hurley.

"Then, after my client is attacked and lays unconscious on the sidewalk, in the street over there, [provide] some first aid. Is that too much to ask?"

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