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'Enough Is Enough': Chicago FedEx Vehicle With Packages Stolen When Driver Goes To Make Delivery

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Only on 2.

If package pirates weren't bad enough. Now Chicago delivery drivers are being targeted for vehicles and one was hit in the middle of the day  and caught on camera. CBS 2's Steven Graves tells us why neighbors want this to be lesson.

On Thursday, at 2:00 in the afternoon in Chicago's Grand Crossing neighborhood. Caught on a Ring video, a delivery driver stopped her truck near 72nd and Prairie got out to drop off a package.

As she went up to a home, an SUV passed by but also stopped. The driver then backs up. Someone in a grey sweatshirt got out going to the driver's side. You later hear the ignition starting.

The person sped off. That deliver person desperately ran into the street.

"It was just like enough is enough."

Louis Wherry, who lives nearby, saw his neighbor's video and sent it to CBS 2. Those on the street did not want to go on camera, but said the driver was with FedEx, using what appeared to be a U-Haul, which the company said is normal around the holidays.

Police said that delivery driver then walked into the Third District CPD station, which is about a mile from where that truck was stolen. Inside of it, multiple undelivered packages.

"Someone needs to be held accountable."

Wherry is not referring to the criminals, but those who handle packages. He lost a nearly $2,000 FedEx package last week. Earlier this month, another FedEx truck was stolen in the South Loop. The driver got out and left the keys inside.

"It's definitely some disregard on the delivery company's end," Wherry said. "You're dealing with people's money, people's livelihoods."

FedEx did not get back to CBS 2 on questions about drivers, rather saying in a statement they are glad no one was hurt.

But with those brazen porch pirates striking more, many hoping those who care for the deliveries control what they can. No one has been caught in this recent incident. FedEx said it's working with police.

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