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Judge Berates Van Dyke For Tardiness

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Judge Vincent Gaughan Friday morning grilled Jason Van Dyke, on trial for the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, about why he was late returning to court Thursday.

His tardiness, Van Dyke said, was because his daughter was being threatened at school. His attorney said her classmates were distributing photos of her so students would be able to heckle her about her father.

Van Dyke, 40, was on the verge of tears the day before in court as Judge Gaughan berated him for being late and threatened to revoke his bond if he didn't provide proof of the threat today.

"I'm sorry--my daughter means everything to me," Van Dyke said to Judge Gaughan on Thursday.

His attorney Dan Herbert today said he had a police report documenting the incident.

Gaughan asked Van Dyke what time he found out about what was going on at his daughter's school.

In a low voice, Van Dyke said the threat was made sometime between 1 and 1:30 p.m.

"Did you know about this threat when you left the building?" Gaughan asked. "What time did you get this threat?"

Van Dyke next told the judge he left the court house immediately after his dad told him about the threat.

"Turn around and look at the clock," Judge Vaughan said. "Show me where it says immediately on the clock."

The judge allowed Van Dyke to remain free on bond, and ordered Herbert to stay in the court house today with his client today.

"I want people out here unless they're on vacation," Judge Gaughan said.



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