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Uptown Blog: Too Many Pigeons Near Red Line Tracks

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An Uptown neighborhood news blog is calling on someone to do something about the "hordes" of pigeons that are congregating near the Red Line 'L' tracks just north of the Wilson stop.

Uptown Update says the pigeons are gathering behind a dilapidated sign for the long-vacant Majestic Store for Men, located at Broadway and Leland Avenue right where the Red Line 'L' structure passes overhead.

The blogger complains that one specific woman has been spotted feeding the pigeons that roost behind the old men's store sign, and says the same woman dumps breadcrumbs under the 'L' tracks near the busy stop at Wilson Avenue.

Because of the influx of pigeons, Uptown Update says, "the awning at neighboring Apartment Vigilantes (4705 N. Broadway) is covered in pigeon poo."

The blog is calling on the CTA to take care of the old men's store site, and hopes nearby business owners will discourage the woman from feeding the pigeons.

A "Do Not Feed Pigeons" sign has even now been posted near the Wilson 'L' stop, Uptown Update said.

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