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Trump Supporters Gather At Chicago Bars For Inauguration

CHICAGO (CBS) --Donald Trump supporters from different backgrounds found common ground watching the inauguration at the Wise Owl Drinkery and Cookhouse in the West Loop, each supportive of the new president and what's to come.

David Alcazar supported the republican since day one. While Trump won the presidency, Alcazar lost support along the way.

"I've lost some friends unfortunately, and it's OK. You do try to lay low, especially here, " he said.

A police officer at the bar thought Trump will be successful.

"But I hope the other side gives him a chance," he added.

Patrick Driscoll said he's had a smile on his face the past eight years, and his smile is bigger today.

"I'm a gay republican, by the way. I'm more concerned about what's going on in North Korea and ISIS than I am who won't sell me a cake because I'm gay. I'll go to another cake shop. I'm OK with that," he said.

The mood at Plymouth Bar and Restaurant was not as festive.

Carl Nicholas was skeptical of President Trump's rhetoric, but hopeful during the transition of power.

"I wrote down a lot of things that he promised he would do, basically overnight, and I'd like to see if it happens in those first hundred days," he said.

Nicolas claimed he was checking his list twice, but was still hopeful of a Trump presidency.

"I'm going to give him his shot," he said.

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