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The Renovated Logan Theatre

Logan Theatre
(credit: Brooke Herbert Hayes/

To use a cliché and say that The Logan Theatre has "had a facelift" would be an understatement. Everything seems new. From the floor to the ceiling, the insides of The Logan barely seem like the same theatre. In fact, everything is so darn nice, dates won't be offended when I take them there anymore.

How unfortunate.

Actually, to say everything is new wouldn't be correct. Much of The Logan's charm was, as it turns out, hidden under plaster that encumbered the place. So while the shiny marble walls and restored stained glass arch may seem new to you, they're actually quite old. Amazing what a good, ol' spit shine (and over five months of work) can do!

The seats are definitely new! (Your butts will undoubtedly notice this.) As is the sound system and projectors. No, the theatres didn't get any bigger, but the quality of the movie-going experience has definitely improved.

old logan sign bw

Still, it's those marble walls that stand out amongst the newly added "art deco" details. It's just comforting to know that something of that old, crappy theatre you used to go to still exists. It's like someone took your favorite blanky from when you were a child--the one you loved unconditionally despite its multiple holes and its odd smell--and impeccably sewed it back together.

One of the biggest differences is the added bar and lounge. Looking to get a drink tonight? As it turns out, you can do so at The Logan. You can even take your beer into the theatre with you, which I'm sure will improve your viewing of The Wizard of Oz.

On a personal note, it's both nice and worrying to see The Logan Theatre catch up with the rest of the neighborhood's... um... excuse me for a moment while I think of a phrase that doesn't imply gentrification... burgeoning, cultural upscaling? Things have been getting "nicer" and The Logan reflects that change. Now, when my mom recounts her times there as a teen, I won't be able to commiserate with her about, say, the worry of rats running between your feet. The closest complaint I might have is, "The bartender took a little too long to get me my 312." I don't know how I feel about this.

I'm glad I won't worry about rats anymore though. So that's nice.

So how much will all this run you? $7.00 bucks seems to be the ticket price, with $5.50 matinees. While more expensive than before, it's still cheap when compared to most major movie theatres.

And what movies will you see popping up there? They'll keep showing mid-run movies, along with old favorites and local art films. Tonight is the last night to see The Goonies, The Blues Brothers, and Enter the Dragon. They're also showing Safe House, and The Artist, with The Lorax and Chronicle opening tomorrow. Keep up to date with showings and times at their facebook!

Logan Theatre
(credit: Brooke Herbert Hayes/

While talking with Chris Bower, a Logan Square resident, about the new Logan Theatre, he couldn't help but ask rhetorically and sarcastically, "Who would spend seven bucks to see Goonies?"

His point was plain. Do people really want to pay to see movies they've already seen?

Yes, apparently some do. Ashley Collier, for example, claims she is going tonight with her boyfriend and some friends. What do they plan on seeing? The Goonies.

Maybe the new Logan Theatre is for you, and maybe it's not. Regardless, it's a lot nicer than it used to be, and provides a pretty decent time for anyone looking to have a fun night out. So you should definitely go and check it out.

As for me, I'm waiting to visit the new-and-improved Logan Theatre again until they have a showing of the best sports movie in existence: Tin Cup.

Let's hope that happens sometime soon.

Mason Johnson, CBS Chicago
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