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Support In 14th Ward For Ald. Ed Burke Continues Despite Corruption Allegations

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Only 94 days ago, Ald. Ed Burke was reelected in the 14th Ward while facing allegations of corruption. Signs of support for Burke and his February campaign victory remain around the ward.

Although the door to Burke's office was locked and a worker said there was no comment Friday, voters in the ward have plenty to say about the alderman.

Burke received 54% of votes, and for some, that support extends through today.

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On the corner across from Burke's office sign is the corner store Agencia Mexicana and behind the desk is Pina Cabrales, who's called the ward home for 32 years.

She said her streets are clean and taken care of. Her garbage and nearby city property are well maintained. She said business and life have been good in the decades under Burke, so she was one of nearly 4,000 who cast ballots this past winter for the alderman.

Cabrales does not support the call to remove Burke. She explained her neighborhood is not broken. There's no problem and therefore, no necessary fix.

Other disagree, saying the streets have potholes that cause flat tires and there are limited economic opportunities, especially for lower class people.

Overall, most people CBS 2 spoke with continue to support the alderman and see the allegations against him as separate from how their community is being managed.

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