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Spring Cleaning Your Finances With 'The Money Coach'

CHICAGO (CBS)-- With just one week left before April 15, "The Money Coach" Lynnette Khalfani-Coxit says it's the time to start thinking about spring cleaning your finances.

Lynnette recommends follow the checklist below:

1. Shred financial documents like old bank statements or receipts. The Money Coach says to save or digitize taxes from the last three years, insurance documents and records of assets.

2. Watch your banking habits by monitoring cash flow is checking and savings accounts. With 2019's new credit scores, how you handle cash flow matters. She recommends keeping $400 roughly in your account, this can give you a boost.

3. Review credit reports through sites like

4. Dump your debt by increasing minimum payments, reducing charges, negotiate credit card interest rate and budgeting.

5. Tidy up taxes by filing for a tax extension if taxes cannot be filed on time and claim every tax deduction and break.


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