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South Side Residents Hold Town Hall Meeting Over Serial Rapist

Washington Heights Rapist Sketch
Sketch of suspect who sexually assaulted two women and a teen Wednesday in the Washington Park neighborhood.(sketch from Chicago Police)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Residents of the Roseland and Washington Heights neighborhoods held a town-hall style meeting today to discuss the serial rapist who attacked two women and a young girl on Wednesday and attempted to attack another girl.

South Side Residents Hold Town Hall Meeting Over Serial Rapist

People wanted to know what the police are doing to keep them safe.

"We're doing everything we can" was the answer from the 22nd District Police Commander, Dan Godsel.
The commander told the crowd assembled at Marcus Garvey School, at 103rd and Morgan, that catching the suspect is a top priority.

He said the detectives have been inundated with calls from people offering leads.

The director of Roseland Ceasefire, Bob Jackson, said that even the gang members are out looking for the suspect.

Many people pointed out that the suspect wears his hair in dreadlocks, or at least he did when the attacks occurred, and that he looks like a lot of other young men in the community.

The commander said, "I'd like to have as many people looking for him as possible. I don't want people jumping to conclusions and I don't want people taking matters into their own hands."

Bob Jackson, with Roseland Ceasefire, said, "this is the first time in a long time that I've seen everyone in this community come together, so, people can talk about the gang bangers all they want, but, guess what? They're a part of this, trying to get this predator off the street."

One woman active in her block club said, "block clubs aren't just for parties" and urged everyone to keep their eyes open.

Activist Todd Jackson organized the meeting.

He was asked, "are you concerned that the wrong guy could be targeted by somebody who wants street justice."

"The reality," he said, "is sometimes there's casualties of war."

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