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Small Crowd Waits For Verizon iPhone

CHICAGO (WBBM) -- The dangerously bitter cold couldn't deter a small group of people who lined up on Michigan Avenue early this morning, waiting for the doors to open at the Verizon Store.

They're waiting for the latest Verizon edition of the iPhone.

As WBBM Newsradio 780's Mike Krauser reports, people often camp out for electronics. A throng lined up around the Michigan Avenue Apple store for the iPhone 4, but that was back in comfortable, temperate June.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780's Mike Krauser reports


This was not one of those all-night camp-outs, for good reason.

"Well, my face is starting to get cold, but I wore long johns and my heavy gloves," one man said.

But waiting is worth it, the diehard consumers said. Even though the phone has been out for a while, a man was quick to point out, "It hasn't been out on Verizon, so the ability to get the phone it – it's a double bonus."

Experts say the "death grip" is still a problem with the new phone, even with Verizon.

"I don't even know what the death grip is but maybe that's because they're frozen, but what are you going do," the man said.

The death grip, for the uninitiated, is a problem with dropped calls when the phone is held a certain way. It's mostly fixed with a rubber bumper that fits around the phone.

Those in line said they think Verizon will provide better coverage then AT&T.


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