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Sen. Dick Durbin Holds Judiciary Committee Field Hearing In Chicago To Lay Out Fight Against Gun Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A field hearing led by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) on Monday focused on finding a solution to gun trafficking and reducing gun violence in Chicago.

"We should never take it for granted – the Monday morning box score of people who have been injured and died is a challenge to all of us who live in this area to do something about gun violence," Durbin said. "The purpose of this hearing was to focus on the federal resources that can help the police solve the crime and bring peace to the neighborhoods and communities of our state – including, of course, the city of Chicago."

Field hearing: Combating Gun Trafficking and Reducing Violence in Chicago

Congress must step up to address the role of gun trafficking in fueling violence in our communities. U.S. Senate Democrats are on the case. WATCH LIVE as Chair Senator Dick Durbin takes the Senate Judiciary Committee to Chicago to discuss ways to combat illicit trafficking and prevent violence.

Posted by Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, December 13, 2021

Another point of emphasis highlighted by Sen. Durbin was coordination between federal agencies and local law enforcement.

Also present at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Chicago were ATF Special-Agent-in-Charge Kristen de Tineo, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Acting Principal Deputy Director Dr. Debra Houry, police Supt. David Brown, University of Chicago Crime Lab Founding Executive Director Roseanna Adler, and Republican witness Amy Swearer – a legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

Back in October, Durbin noted that he and his wife heard gunfire while driving home on DuSable Lake Shore Drive from going out to eat downtown with several other couples. It turned out to be the driver of the car right next to Durbin, who was leaning out the window and firing into the air. Durbin said the gunman could just as easily have been shooting at them.


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