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Schuster: Quade Detained And Searched At Airport

By David Schuster-

CHICAGO (CBS) What do Mike Quade and Donald Rumsfeld have in common? I'm sure all of you can come up with a witty humorous answer but the truth is that both were detained and patted down by TSA officials at airports on Wednesday.

Quade was coming back from the All Star game when he attempted to pass through the screening process out in Phoenix. Apparently something in the Cubs manager's bag set off the alarms and he was pulled off to the side. Quade picks up the story from there:

"I got the full pat-down and they asked me if I'm sensitive in any areas," he said.

Insert your own joke after that question.

But that wasn't the end of it. Since they couldn't find anything, the officials kept screening his computer bag and then added more insult.

"Since the first pat down wasn't successful they pulled me off into a concealed room for a second search," Quade said. "I'll admit that I got a little bit beligerant at that point but I also knew they were just doing their job.

"I never did tell them who I was but I was hoping they'd at least ask. I'm just glad that Cassie (Starlin Castro) wasn't there to see this because that would have just added to the embarrassment."

So there you have it, a weird, weird story. Or as former Cubs manager Lou Piniella would have called it: "Another Cubbie Occurrence".

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