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Schuster: Cubs Camp Is Quiet So far

By David Schuster--

Day three of the Cub's training camp and so far the operative word is vanilla. Vanilla as in not much is happening here. The anticipation of the arrival of some of the everyday players is about the biggest news.

So what passes for news on Tuesday comes from both a young and old player. The young is outfielder Brett Jackson who is hoping to duplicate what Tyler Colvin did last year, which is to unexpectedly make the big league team. Jackson is the team's center fielder of the future, but there's an outside shot of him making the roster as a 5th outfielder. The likelihood is that role will be filled by a veteran like Reed Johnson with Jackson getting more seasoning in the minors.

The old player is really not that old, but Braden Looper has won 72 games as a pitcher in the major leagues with four different teams. Looper was out of baseball last season but his agent talked with Jim Hendry in December and here he is in camp. Looper resides in Chicago and if he makes the team he still will be able to see his family which he repeatedly said is most important in his life. Looper told us that he wants to be a starter but the Cubs might be the only team he considers going into the bullpen for.

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