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Salvation Army Receives Donation To Replace Stolen Kettles' Funds

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After someone stole two Salvation Army red kettles outside Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue twice in the past week, a family from Schaumburg stepped up.

The thefts cost the Salvation Army nearly $1,000 in lost equipment and donations. This served as a call to action for Carrie and Tim Kelly.

The Kelly's surprised Antionette Levi, the bell ringer, Wednesday with a $1,500 donation to her kettle.

"It kind of shows both sides of humanity -- those who take, but also the people who will give out of their generous hearts," said Salvation Army Lieut. Samantha Nolan.

Tim, who lost his brother Patrick in May to cancer, said he was the kind of guy who would have stopped and helped.

"He was just the kindest man you could ever imagine -- if there was a wrong to be righted, he was there to right it."

He said donating was not only the right thing to do, but also a way to honor Patrick's spirit.

The first theft was during the afternoon of Dec. 12; the second was on Dec. 15.

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