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Rosen: A Monumental Day At The Score

By Mitch Rosen--

(CBS) It's quite a day for 670 The Score and our listeners. Almost 25 years ago, this brand signed on the air as a day-timer, which meant we shut it off at sundown. Now nearly 25 years later, we will air a Cubs World Series game. Say that again, and it's still hard to believe: a Cubs World Series game on The Score.

There are lot of people to thank along the way, and if I forgot anyone I'm sorry. But it was the people at the beginning who launched this now-iconic Chicago brand. Danny, Harvey, Seth, Schwartz, Gleason, North Jiggs, Mac, Boers, Offman, Jesse, Hanley, Murph, Fred, Greeny, Bernstein, Judd, Julie, Russ, Shearer, Ann and many others have been so instrumental. Thank you everyone who has worked for this brand.

Cubs-Indians: How they stack up

Today isn't only historic for they Cubs but also for this one-time day-timer that was only a dream at one time. We're thrilled to bring you the 7:08 p.m. first pitch Tuesday between the Cubs and Indians, with the Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer bringing you the hometown call on the 670 airwaves.

Most importantly, thank you to the listeners and on our online audience through all of our digital platforms. We wouldn't be here without you.

Thank you.

Mitch Rosen is the operations director of 670 The Score. You can follow him on Twitter @MitchRosen670.

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