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Furious Family Of Man Who Was Stabbed To Death Rallies Outside Richard's Bar, Tries To Get In

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An emotional vigil was held Tuesday night for a man killed outside a bar in River West.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry, the family of Kenny Paterimos was demanding more than justice in the vigil and protest outside Richard's Bar.

Police ended up being called because of the protest. They did not arrest anyone, but a large crowd did from the protest did try to get into the bar, at 491 N. Milwaukee Ave. just southeast of the six-way intersection with Halsted Street and Grand Avenue.

The family believes the bar was neglectful too.

Standing where Paterimos' life ended suddenly on Friday, Feb. 21, Paterimos' family and friends gathered in solidarity. Justice in their minds will come in the arrest and charging of a man seen on video outside the bar.

Witnesses held the man until police arrived.

The investigation revealed the man slashed Paterimos' throat after a quarrel between the two. But the suspect claims self-defense.

"What self-defense? (Expletive)!" said Paterimos' mother, Diona Bueno. "You killed him! You meant to! You meant to kill somebody that night! it just so happened to be him!"

Despite police taking the man into custody, the suspect was released and not charged. That sent the crowd demanding more than justice – they wanted access to Richard's Bar.

The crowd believes the bar is partially responsible for Paterimos' death.

"The man messed with my brother, gave homophobic slurs, and all they did was throw him out – and they allowed him to wait outside for my brother to stab him," said Paterimos' sister, Dina Paterimos.

The investigation shows the moment Paterimos stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, he was stabbed. But it is unclear if additional words or blows were exchanged.

Still, it ended with Paterimos bleeding to death at the bar's entrance.

"And we're going in this bad boy, and we're going to say a prayer, and I don't care what nobody thinks," Bueno said before the crowd tried to enter the bar.

But the bar staff locked the door. After Paterimos' family and friends blocked the entrance, the bar owners called police on the crowd.

Officers responded, but did not disperse the angry group.

The crowd is asking the Chicago Police Department's top brass to look at the evidence

"And when you have a case that's handed to you on a God-blessed platter, you do right by it, and don't do what you did to mine don't put another family through this again," Bueno said.

The case remained open Tuesday night despite the suspect being released from custody.

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