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Report: Wirtz Letter Expressed Concern Over Collins' Videos

(CBS) -- According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz sent a letter Wednesday expressing concern over the appearance of Comcast Sports Net reporter Susannah Collins in a series of Sports Nutz videos.

The Tribune obtained the letter which was sent to CNS Chicago vp and general manager Phil Bedella, which asked CSN to "remove her from our broadcast immediately."

"In my opinion and those of others, (the videos) are incredibly offensive to a number of audiences, going well beyond professional athletes," Wirtz said. "Had we known of this earlier, we would have raised the issue immediately."

On Tuesday, Collins inadvertently said that the Blackhawks had a "tremendous amount of sex during the regular season." The mistake went viral. She meant to say "success" and quickly corrected the slip.

But the Chicago Tribune reports, the mistake led to renewed focus of previous work by Collins that was filled with sexual innuendo and other inappropriate content.

As co-host of Sports Nutz, Collins filed sexually charged reports that included lowbrow humor. The videos remain on YouTube. However, the existence of those clips is hardly a secret. She acknowledged the videos in this interview with Paul Banks of the Chicago Sports Media Watch blog.

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