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Report: Chihuahua Defends Homeowner From Intruder

LAPORTE, Ind. (CBS) -- The words "beware of dog" probably don't conjure up images of a Chihuahua, but a northwest Indiana man reportedly has his puny pooch to thank for protecting him from a home invader.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reports 62-year-old Roman Dickt woke up around 2 a.m. Monday to the sound of someone knocking on his door and ringing his doorbell.

When he opened the door, a man punched him in the face. Dickt fell over his couch, but managed to pull the intruder down with him.

Then his dog, Charlie, ran out and started biting the intruder, who got up and kicked Dickt a few times, while the Chihuahua grabbed the attacker's pant leg.

"If it wasn't for (Charlie), (the suspect) would have succeeded in doing whatever he wanted to do because I was down," Dickt told the Times.

Dickt said Charlie distracted the intruder just long enough for him to grab a machete he had next to his recliner. He swung the weapon at the intruder about six times, and screamed at him to leave.

The suspect ran off. Dickt provided a vague description of the suspect, and police said identifying the intruder might be difficult.

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