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Ravens' Official Website Reports That Ravens Players Are Passing Test Of Marc Trestman's New Schemes 'With Flying Colors'

(CBS) The Baltimore Ravens' official website has been known to go above and beyond in promoting its own before, once writing a glowing review of domestic abuser Ray Rice receiving a standing ovation from fans as he left the practice field not long after news surfaced of Rice domestically abusing his significant other. (The story has since been deleted.)

So take the following with a grain of salt.

First-year Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman is now receiving rave reviews himself from the official team website, citing those around the team.

We discovered this in our never-ending quest to stay updated on Trestman, the former Bears coach who was fired following the disastrous 5-11 season in 2014. It fell apart in Chicago for a multitude of reasons -- a lack of defensive talent, horrid special teams play, an underachieving offense, forgetting to run the football, undisciplined play, a leadership void and Mel Tucker, to name a few -- and shortly after Trestman was dismissed, he found a home in Baltimore.

Last we checked, his hiring had the Ravens amped, and it drew grand, lofty home run-hitting praise.

Now we're back for more, the latest coming straight from

The opening from a Friday piece:

Ravens offensive players are drinking from the fire hose.

That's because new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman is testing them. And from what outsiders observe, players are passing with flying colors.

The offensive system that Trestman uses may be similar to that of last year's coordinator, Gary Kubiak, but their implementation processes apparently contrast.

"Trestman is giving his players a crash course this spring," said ESPN's Jamison Hensley. "Kubiak gradually installed the Ravens offense. This year, Trestman is throwing everything he can at his new players. This is Trestman's way of seeing how much his new players can absorb."

Kubiak kept things simple.

By comparison, in just the first full week of OTAs, Trestman already ran plays from the red zone, two-point conversions and even fourth downs.

It was everything except the kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink, already! A fire hose, quenching the Ravens' thirst for football knowledge!

Trestman's going next-level in this at OTAs.

Here in Chicago, we can't wait to see how it all plays out. And as is custom, we'll leave you with these stats  — where Trestman's offenses have ranked in the NFL in scoring in each season he's been an offensive coordinator or head coach. There's been good and bad.

1988 Browns: 19.0 ppg (20th out of 28 teams)
1989 Browns: 20.9 ppg (14/28)
1995 49ers: 28.6 ppg (1/30)
1996 49ers: 24.9 ppg (3/30)
1998 Cardinals: 20.3 ppg (15/30)
1999 Cardinals: 15.3 ppg (30/31)
2000 Cardinals: 13.1 ppg (29/31)
2001 Raiders: 24.9 ppg (4/31)
2002 Raiders: 28.1 ppg (2/32)
2003 Raiders: 16.9 ppg (26/32)
2013 Bears: 27.8 ppg (2/32)
2014 Bears: 19.9 ppg (23/32)


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