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Rap Video Showing Guns Takes Center Stage In Hadiya Pendleton Murder Trial

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A rap music video took center stage in the Hadiya Pendleton murder trial Wednesday. Witness Jarod Randolph says he does not remember providing grand jury testimony, where he said Micheail Ward repeatedly confessed to shooting Hadiya Pendleton. That same witness plead the fifth to appearing in the music video, where he's pointing a gun.

Randolph can be seen holding up a gun in the music video for the song "Scary Movie." The defendants in the murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, Kenneth Williams and Micheail Ward, are also in the video.

As the video played in court, Pendleton's mother shook her head in disbelief, as guns were shown to the camera and gang signs were flashed. While Randolph says he knows the defendants, he said repeatedly in court, he does not remember giving grand jury testimony back in 2013 saying Ward confessed numerous times to shooting and killing Pendleton.

CBS 2 was only able to record Randolph's audio in court when he spoke to prosecutor, Jim Papa.

Papa: "Did you get a phone call from Micheail Ward?"

Randolph: "I don't remember."

Papa: "Mr. Ward told you that a little girl got shot? That he said a little girl got killed?

Randolph: "I don't recall that."

Papa: "That it was Hadiya?"

Randolph: "I don't remember. It was five or six years ago."

Papa: "You don't remember him saying he popped out of the car and started shooting?"

Randolph: "I don't remember him telling me that."

Ward's attorney, Julie Koehler, did not buy Randolph's testimony.

Koehler: "You are having a lot of memory problems."

Randolph: "I do a lot of drugs."

Koehler: "You know lying to a grand jury, you could be charged with perjury?"

Another witness on the stand, Demetrius Tucker, said police told him to say Williams confessed to taking part in Pendleton's murder.

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