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Randy Swopes Again Found Unfit To Stand Trial For Locking Daughter In Basement

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Waukegan man accused of keeping his 10-year-old daughter locked in the basement for months has been declared mentally unfit for trial by a court-appointed doctor.

The doctor's finding is the second time Randy Swopes has been declared unfit for trial.

A fitness trial last fall resulted in Swopes being deemed unfit for trial and transferred to a secure mental health facility in Elgin. In January the Illinois Department of Public Health found he was fit to stand trial following two months of evaluation and treatment.

With a court-appointed doctor finding Swopes unfit a second time, another fitness trial now will be held in the case.

Swopes and his wife, Katherine, have been charged with child endangerment and unlawful restraint.

The couple allegedly thought their daughter was possessed by a demon and kept her locked in the basement for months.

Katherine Swopes is free on bond while she awaits trial, but has been barred from having any contact with her daughter or their three other children.

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