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Rain, Falling Temperatures For The Afternoon

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The blazing sun and sweltering heat that defined much of the summer will be distant from Chicagoans' minds Thursday afternoon, as rain falls and temperatures drop into the 60s – even before sundown.

As of 11:20 a.m., showers and thunderstorms were most significant along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Wisconsin between Green Bay and Milwaukee, as well as east over the lake. Even in Chicago, some light sprinkles were appearing as clouds built up.

A low-pressure system is hovering over the Detroit area, and pulling the cool winds down from Canada for the entire Great Lakes area.

It was 73 degrees at O'Hare International Airport, 74 at Midway, and also 73 at the lakefront as of 11:20 a.m. But the temperature will drop during the afternoon as the wind picks up to 10-20 mph from the northeast.

Meanwhile, with the low pressure rotating around the Great Lakes, cold air in the upper levels of the atmosphere clashing with the warm lake waters could generate water spouts in Lake Michigan on Thursday night and Friday morning.

The official high for the day is 75 degrees, but look for temperatures only in the 60s by the evening rush. Overnight, the winds will pick up and gust to 30 mph, and the low will drop to 63.

Clouds and showers will start the day Friday, and the high will only reach 73. But a breezy, dry wind will take over on Friday afternoon to clear the skies.

The high for Saturday is 79, Sunday 80, Monday 82, Tuesday 87, and Wednesday 88.


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