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Police Warn Of Robbers Posing As Uber Drivers

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago police were warning Uber users about robbers who have been posing as drivers to commit robberies on the North Side.

Police said there have been two similar robberies this month – one on Sept. 13 in Old Town, and another on Sept. 19 in River North.

In both instances, the victims had used the Uber app to order a ride, and two men posing as Uber drivers approached them while they were waiting for their ride, and invited them into their vehicle. Police said the robbers proceeded to intimidate the victims, and stole their debit cards and PINs.

Police said the suspects were driving a black Chevy Impala sedan, with a tinted rear window.

Uber suggested anyone who orders a ride through their service should make sure the license plate of the vehicle that picks them up matches the number provided by the Uber app.

Customers also should confirm the driver's name and picture match the person picking them up, and never accept a ride from a car with more than one person inside, which is a violation of Uber policy.

Uber users should send a car away if anything seems wrong, and contact customer service immediately.

Frank Reda owns Topo Gigio restaurant on Wells. The street is a popular spot for patrons waiting on Uber.

"They'll jump into any car," he said. "They're not looking to see if it's an Uber driver…very scary cause they can keep doing it anywhere in the city.

Mike Bazanko is a real Uber driver, and like all Uber drivers, his car has the Uber emblem in the windshield, something riders should look for.

"They give us bad reputation, which is no good," Bazanko said.

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