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Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Police Supt. David Brown Slam COPA For Leaving Slain Officer Ella French's Name In Report On Anjanette Young Raid

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mayor Lori Lightfoot and police Supt. David Brown each chastised the Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Friday for failing to redact the name of slain Officer Ella French in its report on the botched raid at the home of Anjanette Young.

The report, which was prepared before French was shot and killed, recommended that she be suspended in connection with the raid.

"That to me seems the height of tone-deafness," Mayor Lightfoot said, "so yes, I am disappointed, and I think they could have taken different actions," Mayor Lightfoot said. "It just doesn't make sense that COPA made this decision."

"Officer Ella French is a hero. Her name and bravery should not be diminished in any way. Failing to acknowledge her death in the line of duty and redact her name from the Civilian Office of Police Accountability's report is unnecessarily insensitive," Brown said in a statement. "We will remember Officer French by her kindness and dedication to the people of Chicago. We will forever remember and honor the legacy of service and courage she left behind."

In the report released Wednesday, COPA recommended a three-day suspension for French for not wearing a body camera during the wrong raid at Young's home in February 2019.

Officer French was shot and killed in August while conducting a traffic stop in West Englewood.

Her brother, Andrew French, asked Thursday – where was the respect for his sister?

"Being reminded about how much (Young) loved my sister and respected my sister though that – honestly, that meant more to me than anything," Andrew French said. "You can't suspend somebody who isn't here."

COPA said Thursday night that the report was finished in April, months before French's death:

"COPA's Summary Report and investigation into the raid on Ms. Anjanette Young's residence by members of the Chicago Police Department was completed on April 27, 2021.

"Per ordinance (Municipal Code of Chicago 2-78-145), COPA must make reports open to public inspection. COPA can only redact information to the extent it is exempted from disclosure by the the freedom of information act or any other applicable law. COPA released the report, previously completed April 27, 2021, as required by ordinance.

"Following the review and concurrence by the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, as well as serving of administrative charges, we carefully considered the release of the report and its impact on Ms. Anjanette Young and Ella French's family.

"We honor the service Officer French gave to our city and mourn her death and also hope the release of the report brings further closure to Ms. Anjanette Young."

The wrong raid on Young's home was first exposed by CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini. Young was handcuffed naked and terrified by officers on a botched raid who had the wrong home.

French was among the officers present, and Young said French was the only officer who showed her "any dignity or respect on the night of the raid." A spokeswoman for Young identified French as the female officer who arrived at her home 13 minutes into the botched 2019 raid, and walked her to a room so she could get dressed.

"Officer French assisted Ms. Young and allowed her to get dressed, in the privacy of her bedroom. Officer French was the only officer who showed Ms. Young any dignity or respect on the night of the raid," a spokeswoman for Young said in a statement. "Ms. Young is praying for Officer French's family and offers her sincerest condolences to them and all of Officer French's friends and colleagues."


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