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Police, Sheriff's Officers Salute Healthcare Workers For National Hospital Week

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Blue Angels aren't the only ones saying thank you to healthcare workers during National Hospital Week. Local law enforcement officers on Wednesday recognized hospital staff for their dedication during the coronavirus pandemic.

There's been no shortage of difficult times at Holy Cross Hospital, or other hospitals across the country lately, but on Wednesday they were given a brief opportunity to forget about all that's wrong and realize what they're doing every day is appreciated.

Chicago police officers from the Ogden District officers honored healthcare workers at Holy Cross, where people have been working tirelessly during this pandemic. Police cars passed by the hospital one after another, lights on, and sirens sounding.

Holy Cross staffers lined the sidewalk; many waving, others in awe of the recognition they were receiving.

"A lot of times, we're like the hidden heroes. We don't get a lot of acknowledgment," registered nurse Jammie Lewis said.

Lewis has been working in healthcare for well over 20 years.

"People have really stepped up for nurses, and really brought it to the forefront how hard we really work," Lewis said.

Minutes before the special police procession arrived, Lewis admitted she might get a little emotional.

"I don't want to be snotting and crying," she said.

When the time came, not only did she keep her composure, she snapped a selfie on her cell phone.

A similar show of support took place at the same time about eight miles north at Stroger Hospital, where the Cook County Sheriff's Office also saluted healthcare staff.

"God bless all you guys for what you do," Sheriff Tom Dart said to hospital staff over a loudspeaker.

Forty sheriff's deputy vehicles parked outside Stroger's emergency room, an acknowledgement of all the hard work being done within the hospital walls.

"Just having this kind of show of support means a lot," said Dr. Robert Feldman.

National Hospitals Week continues through Saturday.

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