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'One Step Closer To Getting Back To Normal': After Canceling, Walgreens Will Now Provide COVID Vaccines To Lake County Teachers

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Thousands of teachers in Lake County will be getting vaccinated after all.

This after Deerfield-based Walgreens promised them the vaccines, but then backed out. CBS 2's Meredith Barack reports, many are thankful for the news because it was constantly changing.

Earlier Friday, thousands of Lake County teachers thought they were going to have to figure out a different way to get their vaccine.

"On Monday, they announced that they could provide vaccinations for seven districts."

Dr. Bruce Law is superintendent for high schools in Highland Park and Deerfield. Those schools, plus those in Bannockburn, Northshore District 112, Zion, Zion-Benton, Beach Park, and North Chicago were told Walgreens would provide vaccines. But on Friday morning...

"We learned abruptly, and with no notice, that Walgreens was unable to proceed," said Michael Lubelfeld, Superintendent North Shore District.

An email to teachers, staff and parents in North Shore District 112 explained that the planned vaccination clinic was canceled.

With a limited supply of vaccines, Walgreens said they wouldn't be fairly distributed.

"We're sad, we're shocked and we're sad," Lubelfeld said.

But less than three hours later, and just moments after speaking to Dr. Lubelfeld, another change of plans.

"I got a call from the person we've been working with at Walgreens to say, 'I know you're not going to believe this but we're back on,'" Law said.

Dr. Law said while he's relieved, he's also wary.

"We'll be ready to go on our side, so as long as Walgreens is able to do what they're now saying they're able to do, we'll get it done," Law said.

The seven districts aim to have all their teachers vaccinated by the beginning of March.

"That is one step closer to getting back to normal, which is so important for our students education and their social-emotional well-being," Law said.

Another benefit of these districts being able to partner with Walgreens means that many more vaccine doses will be available for others through the Lake County Health Department.

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