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Oldest Known Person In Indiana, 108-Year-Old Jennie Zawada, Mowed Her Lawn Until Age 104

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Jennie Zawada, who mowed her lawn and drove her own car until age 104, may just be the oldest person living in Indiana.

Zawada, originally from Milwaukee, turned 108 last week, according to a report from The Indy Channel.

She moved to Carmel, Indiana in 2017.

Her secret to a long life?

"I think everything is good for you if you don't over do it," she told the station.

Her niece, Nancy Dwyer, added that her aunt always took good care of her body. "She is very healthy with low blood pressure and takes no medicines," Dwyer told the station. "She has never smoked, rarely drank alcohol, and always tried to eat healthy foods. She loved to cook and still likes to read recipes."

Indiana once was home to the oldest living person on the planet. Edna Parker, of Shelbyville, died at age 115, 220 days, on Nov. 28, 2008.

117-year-old Kane Tanaka, of Japan, born Jan. 2 1903, is the oldest living person in the world whose age has been validated.

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