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Number Of Concealed-Carry Permits Grows To 13,500

(CBS) – Nearly 13,500 gun owners can now legally carry a concealed weapon, but what does that really mean?

CBS 2's Courtney Gousman breaks down the new law.

It's an historic piece of legislation, more than 112 pages long.

For business owner Candace Canty, becoming familiar with Illinois' concealed carry law is important. There is currently no sign restricting gun owners from bringing weapons inside her Lakeview business.

"Right now, there isn't a reason for me to put a sign on my door," she says.

A walk around Chicago's Loop reveals sign after sign, placed by business owners who don't want guns inside.

State Rep. Dennis Reboletti helped craft what's being referred to as one of the most restrictive concealed-carry laws in the country.

Some of the more than 22 protected areas where guns cannot be carried airports; schools; courthouses; stadiums; museums; hospitals and public transportation, including CTA and Metra, and any place that makes a majority of its money through alcohol sales.

Vehicles are considered "safe zones" -- no matter where they're located.

If a licensee leaves their gun inside, it must be out of view, locked-up and unloaded.

You can also carry on state land and forest preserves and your property.

"You could be walking down Michigan avenue and carry as long as you're within compliance.

Keep in mind, concealed carry licenses have only been out for about three weeks, and state lawmakers are holding their breath to see how this law is panning out.

If you violate any of the restrictions spelled out in this law, you could face fines, even jail time. Three violations and you will get your license revoked.

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