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North Aurora Police Investigating Drano Bomb Explosions

Chicago (CBS) -- Multiple homemade bombs were planted outside five homes and several exploded. The explosions were small, but potentially very dangerous.

They went off in three different neighborhoods in North Aurora and as CBS 2's Jim Williams reports, police say they are taking the blasts very seriously.

The explosion startled Clarice Nolan at 4:20 in the morning on Saturday, May 25 and she said it was loud enough to wake her up, "Out of a sound sleep."

Three homemade Drano bombs in bottles went off right outside her next door neighbor's house on a quiet cul-de-sac in North Aurora.

Now, you might be inclined to write this off as just a prank, but what makes this serious, according to police, is that someone banged on the front and back doors, and when the homeowner came out, all three Drano bombs exploded.

Nolan said that it was, "Absolutely terrible because our neighbor, she could have been injured."

Nolan's neighbor was physically ok, but stunned. So were people at four other homes in North Aurora. Targets of the homemade bombs, as well.

Deputy Chief David Fisher says it's likely the same person or group is responsible. The bombs could seriously hurt someone.

"The substance that's in them tends to be caustic so if it were to get on someone it could cause burns," said Fisher.

Clarice Nolan is taking precautions.

"I've lived here 17 years. I've never locked my door," said Nolan. "Now I do."

Some of the homes were damaged by the bombs. North Aurora police say if you see a bottle on your property be very careful, report suspicious behavior overnight. Anonymous tips are welcome.

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