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Racist, Anti Semitic, Homophobic Messages Sent To Nearly Entire School District After Teacher's Email Hacked

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A math teacher at Niles West High School had her email hacked, and then pornographic images and anti semitic and racist messages were blasted to almost every student in her district.

"One started coming, and then more came," said Niles West senior Alli Lipsit. "Each person got a different amount.

This week every Niles Township High School student received the stream of anti semitic, racist, homophobic and overall offensive emails.

"A few of them had gifs of pornographic images that were very disturbing," Niles West High School student Henry Gussis.

Email after email was sent from the math teacher's account, which is now being looked at as a possible hack.

"Not at all something that you would see from a Niles West teacher, which is what made it really evident that it was a hack and not just a teacher going off the rails," said Alli.

And for Alli and Henry some of the messages were personal attacks.

"I felt targeted," he said. "I was really taken aback by the swastika. When I saw the emails about the Jews, it definitely made it feel a lot more personal."

"I'm Jewish, so it was upsetting to see the anti semitic stuff," Alli said. "It's hard not to feel targeted when you are part of the minority that those emails were about."

Maine Township High School District says they too were hacked this week. An email server was taken over, and all of their websites showed hate speech and inappropriate images.

"It's disruptive and unnecessary," said Henry's parent Neal Gussis. "Why somebody would go through such measures to disturb the school."

"All know is that Niles West is just a diverse school in general, so I'm sure everyone was affected by this," Alli said.

The school disabled every student's email account as a precaution. Skokie police are investigating this.

In Maine Township they have also filed a police report. Both schools are strongly districts condemning the messages that were sent

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