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New Video: Gunfire Erupts As Store Owner Beats Armed Robber

(CBS) – New surveillance video from an armed robbery in Logan Square this week provides an even more graphic depiction of the confrontation between a gunman and a bat-wielding shop owner.

You can hear the gun-fire and see the shop owner bobbing left and right to save his life.

CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports.

The robbery occurred Tuesday afternoon in the 2200 block of North Western Avenue.

One suspect, 53-year-old career criminal Cornell Mack, was injured and is in custody. But police want help catching his partner, who's still on the loose.

In the surveillance video, you can hear the muffled demand for cash.

Within seconds comes the first pull of the trigger, then the second.

One of those first shots hit the gunman's accomplice by mistake. Mack, who is seen limping away in the video, was arrested while getting treated for his wound.

The real brawl begins when the store owner fought back. He was hit in the leg, but administered a beat-down on the gunman. Glass can be heard breaking.

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