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Math Is Easy As Pie On 'Mission Unstoppable' With Chicago Professor Doctor Eugenia Cheng

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Even if math wasn't your best subject in school, this project might help you better understand it.

A local mathematics professor is using baking cakes and pies to teach math concepts on a CBS show called "Mission Unstoppable."

The show highlights women with interesting careers in science, technology, engineering and math in hopes to get more girls into STEM careers.

Doctor Eugenia Cheng teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She's a "pure" mathematician, which means she looks for patterns in math.

She spoke to CBS 2's Audrina Bigos ahead of her episode about why she heads into the kitchen to explain math.

"Food in general is something everyone can relate has an emotional connection, with one way or another," Cheng said. "And it's something we relate to and it's something everyone can try for themselves. And I love that baking is about taking basic ingredients and them putting them together to work some type of magic and math is like that as well. We just don't present it like that"

And it's not just about numbers, measurements and scales.

Check out Doctor Cheng's delicious segment on "Mission Unstoppable" with Miranda Cosgrove Saturday morning at 10:00 on CBS 2.

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