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Man Loses Wife, Son In Accident Caused By Driver Of Stolen Car; 'I Never Felt So Helpless'

CHICAGO (CBS) --  A heartbroken father and husband is speaking out about the hit-and-run crash that took his wife and baby and left is 12-year-old in the hospital.

Sebastian Taylor spoke to CBS 2's Jermont Terry about the struggles he's faced just 12 days after the horrible wreck, days he has spent praying for the recovery of his surviving son.

"I've never in my life felt so helpless as I did that day," said an emotional Taylor, who tries his best to hold it together, but keeps reliving the crash. "You wake up and you can't do nothing."

His wife, Selina, and their sons--David, 12, and Sebastian Jr, three months--were in all inside the family's black Monte Carlo  when a maroon car t-boned them at Pershing and State in the Bronzeville neighborhood. Chicago Police said two men in a stolen car caused the crash last month.

"If you had been in that car and felt that impact," said Taylor. "It's like how the heck did I wake up."

When Taylor re-gained conscious, he remembers strangers outside the car.

"It was really blurry, but I actually saw two male figures. I assumed but now I know they were the ones who hit us."

Despite knowing they caused a serious crash--where Selina and the baby died---those men did not stay to help, even after  seeing David ejected from the car.

"They got out of the car," said Taylor. "They looked at my son; they thought my son was dead."

Taylor, who suffered broken ribs, says it hurts to breathe.

His son, David, with a fracture at the base of his skull, continues to recover after multiple surgeries.

But while in the hospital, David is uplifting dad.

'When I broke down on him, he said, 'It's OK daddy, it's OK daddy,' " Taylor said.

Taylor said David loved being a big brother. It has been tough losing a little brother and mom.

"We planned this baby," Taylor said. "This wasn't an oops baby,"

Although two weeks have passed since the deadly hit and run, Taylor grieves but stays strong for his living son.

He wants those who ripped his family apart caught.

"You are on the run for vehicle homicide," said Taylor. "Not one but two, because you made one mistake; that one mistake was stealing a car."

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family cover funeral and medical expenses. 



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