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Man ordered held in South Side Chicago shooting that killed bystander; another man wounded in shooting dies

Second victim from South Side Chicago mass shooting dies
Second victim from South Side Chicago mass shooting dies 02:24

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A man accused of shooting multiple people outside a store in the South Side's Park Manor neighborhood was ordered held in custody Thursday.

Trivell Pruitt, 53, of the North Austin neighborhood, was charged with one count each of first-degree murder and attempted murder on Wednesday. 

Four people, including Pruitt himself, were struck in the shooting Monday evening. Simon Brown Sr., 59, was killed in the shooting, and prosecutors said a second person who was shot in the head died of their injuries early Thursday morning.

Simon Brown, 59, was shot and killed in the Park Manor neighborhood on Feb. 26, 2024 Vera Watson

"I still can't believe sometimes, you know?" said Brown's son, Simon Brown Jr.

Brown Sr. was killed Monday in front of the 71st Candy Warehouse, a mini-mart at 7125 S. State St. His son got the tragic call while in the Army Reserve.

"When I first got back from Minnesota, I walked in the door and I expected him to come out of their room," said Brown Jr., "and you know, he just wasn't there."

In a proffer, Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Anne McCord Rogers said Pruitt and several other people were seen on surveillance video Monday evening hanging out on the sidewalk outside the 71st Candy Warehouse.

Brown was sitting on a fire hydrant just south of the store, while Pruitt and several others were milling around on the sidewalk and chatting, McCord said. Pruitt was wearing a "distinguishing" White Sox hat and jacket, McCord said.

During the approximately 20 minutes before the shooting, Pruitt and a 30-year-old man engaged on and off in conversation, McCord said. Another man – classified as a witness – then pulled up in a white sport-utility vehicle and parked in a diagonal space in front of the store before getting out and talking to Pruitt and the other man, McCord said.

Pruitt later walked away from the group, while the witness who had arrived in the SUV went back and sat in his vehicle, McCord said. Pruitt then returned, approaching the man in front of the store and facing the 30-year-old man, McCord said.

The 30-year-old man walked up to Pruitt, and Pruitt took out a gun from his jacket and shot directly at the 30-year-old man – striking him in the knee, McCord said.

One of Pruitt's shots missed the 30-year-old man and instead hit Brown in the head, McCord said. Brown slumped off the fire hydrant and onto the ground, McCord said.

"A piece of our lives is just missing, you know?" said Brown Jr. "I keep expecting him to come into my room in the middle of the night, or just come in and check in on me."

Meanwhile, the witness began firing his own gun from inside the vehicle – aiming at Pruitt, McCord said. The witness' gunfire struck a 49-year-old man who had been standing in the candy store's vestibule, McCord said.

This man has also since died after being shot in the head, McCord said.

The witness briefly stopped shooting and closed the door of the vehicle as Pruitt ran past, McCord said. The witness then got out and fired more rounds at Pruitt – who was struck and fell to the ground, McCord said.

The witness drove off. Pruitt fell to the ground and dropped his keys, phone, and a live round of 9mm ammunition, McCord said. Pruitt ran off, but was located by police wearing the same White Sox jacket he had been seen wearing on surveillance video, McCord said. A loaded 9mm firearm was found in his pocket, McCord said.

Pruitt was shot in the knee and wrist, McCord said. He later admitted to shooting at the 30-year-old man – but claimed the 30-year-old man shot at him first, McCord said. This claim was not supported by the surveillance video, McCord said.

Brown's family has been left in mourning.

"I think without my family; without my girlfriend, I would be falling apart at the seams," said Brown Jr.

Pruitt walked into court limping Thursday, with a bandage on his left arm. He is expected to be back in court on Tuesday, March 19.

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