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Listen: McCown Takes You Inside Game-Winning Drive

(CBS) By the time overtime had arrived in the Bears' win over the Ravens on Sunday, Solider Field looked like a mud pit.

During the Bears first drive of overtime, quarterback Josh McCown hit Martellus Bennett in stride on third-and-9 for a 43-yard completion that set up Robbie Gould's 38-yard, game-winning field goal.

"The thing that I remind myself (of) in the huddle when I'm playing with these guys is that these are ridiculously talented guys that we're playing with here," McCown told The Boers and Bernstein Show. "If we just give them a chance, they'll make plays. Marty made an unbelievable catch. It was just awesome to watch the play unfold after the fact."

Josh McCown on with The Boers and Bernstein Show

McCown explained that on this particular play, there was no check-down receiver - meaning it was all or nothing for Bennett.

"I kind of glanced at the sideline when the call came in and I look over there and Jay (Cutler) is smiling like, 'You got it, man.' It was cool because those little moments like that are just the nuggets of encouragement that make you go, 'Okay, we got this.' … There was no check-down because Matt (Forte) was absorbed in protection, so when that happens, the good and the bad of it is you don't have check-downs but you have man coverage, somebody has to win. Like we've said over and over, with our guys, we feel like we're going to find a winner."


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