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Letter To Gary, Ind. Mom: We're Watching Your 'Lovely' Daughters

(CBS) – A trip to the mailbox stopped an Indiana mother cold in her tracks after she opened a letter.

What she read prompted her to call the police and lock her children inside her home, CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports.

"You have two lovely daughters …"

With every line she reads …

"I and my friend have watched them ever since they moved in …"

… the fear and panic and grow.

"… almost had them on Thursday evening, will keep trying … Thank you!"

A little more than 60 words make up the letter that arrived at Alfreda Murphy's home on Saturday.

The mother of six found it, postmarked and addressed to her house, among her Saturday mail.

There was no name attached, no signature included. Only a warning about her two oldest daughters that reads, "We will get them."

CBS 2 was there as Gary police took their first look at the letter, which includes details about when and where her children played in the neighborhood just two days ago.

"They're sending letters saying that they're watching my kids and they almost had them this week," Murphy says.

She's now terrified to let her children out of her sight.

The letter was postmarked June 6, and Gary police now have it as evidence as they work to track down who sent it. Alfreda and her family just moved into that home two months ago.

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