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Lawsuit: City Is Harassing African-American Nightclub

(CBS) – A Chicago nightclub is saying enough is enough.

Nouveau Tavern was already vandalized with the N-word, but managers say the city is also harassing them, and they're suing.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.

Planters decorate the front of the 400 North Ontario apartment building, which was replaced after cell phone video from last weekend captured workers sweeping up broken planters and witnesses explaining who did it: two Caucasian males.

The next night, Nouveau filed a police report when a manager parked in front of the apartment building and found her car covered with raw eggs. And then Thursday morning workers were greeted by racial slurs sprayed across the front of the building.

The club has filed a lawsuit against the city for, among several allegations, pulling the club's liquor license for a weekend; "conducting unfounded over-crowding investigations"; and using tactics "clearly meant to harass, intimidate."

The lawsuit specifically names Ald. Brendan Reilly.

Reilly did not offer a response.

Neighbors like Eric Murray don't condone the alleged harassment, but argue the club makes some enemies because "there's a noise issue and a lack of control of the patrons – that's the issue."

The city said it cannot comment on pending litigation.

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