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'Adventures In Christmasing' Star Kim Fields Talks About Writing And Producing The Movie, Part Of VH1's 'Naughty Or Nice' Film Series

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The holiday season is in full swing and VH1 is getting in on the action with its first ever "Naughty or Nice" film series.

Kim Fields (Tootie from "Facts of Life" and Regine from "Living Single" and now "The Upshaws on Netflix) wrote, produced and stars in the series debut film "Adventures in Christmasing."

She plays a talk show host forced by her boss to spend Christmas in the wilderness. All for our viewing pleasure. Field spoke with CBS 2's Ryan Baker about that experience and what we can expect from this new holiday lineup.

Ryan: We're so glad to have you with us here on CBS 2 Chicago. Tell me about "Adventures in Christmasing" coming up on VH1.

Kim: Yes, so my movie "Adventures in Christmasing" is kicking off the VH1 holiday season in an unprecedented move actually. The VH1 now in the original holiday movie space and we kicked it off on November 29 with a tremendous adventure that really, I think, inspires people to come out of their comfort zone and to explore and be an adventurer.

And it doesn't always mean jumping out of a helicopter or falling into a glacier river or a near miss with a bear. It could be not being afraid of what's in store for you next, even if you don't know what's going to happen next in your life. Of course we've got great characters and a great cast Eva Marcille, Kel Mitchell, Jonathan Silverman, and Adrian Holmes and I are teaming up again for this project.

Ryan: Speaking of stepping out of your comfort zone, that seems to be something that you as an artist, as a content creator, don't have a problem doing because we all have seen you in front of the camera for so many years with a wonderful career. But what is it like to get on the creative side in terms of executive producing, helping craft the story and really putting the project together from every aspect, how fulfilling is that for you at this stage of your career?

Kim: It's incredibly liberating. It's so freeing and inspiring and empowering. Because you get that sense of, it's like a joy, you know, to be able to bring new characters to to the forefront. And to do something different, you know? When you've been in the game for a longer time, you want to do stuff that's gonna keep the fire burning in your belly for you.

And then your audience, I think responds to that. And so that's why we all still here enjoy each other. So it's incredibly exhilarating, to be able to speak to the adventure in that regard. It's its own adventure, quite honestly.

Ryan: (Kim's character) Parker Baldwin, how much does she take on your own personality? She seems like that Type A personality. Is that you a little bit?

Kim: She's a bit of an alpha female, I will give you that. But not a control freak. It is definitely a team effort on both sides of the camera. And so the idea of Parker Baldwin, being someone who's just, she's had personal experiences that really speak to why she really prefers to be as prepared as possible. So she's not taken off guard.

And I think that a lot of people especially during these unprecedented times, as people keep referring to this, this moment that we're all experiencing in life right now, that we all have that sense of 'oh, this is uncomfortable because I don't know what's gonna happen next, or how the next set of months or years is going to unfold for me because I see this coming.' And so I wanted to have a project where people really understood the board of coming out of your comfort zone. And what that sounds like on a really interpersonal level as well as something as big as an adventure.

Ryan: So this past summer doing this COVID lockdown when you know, kind of stuck, could move around, I took my family camping, I hadn't been out in the woods (since) summer camp or something like that. So we do what when you were shooting this, are were you outdoorsy person? Is this something that you had to get used to and learn very fast or do you like to camp and get out in the great outdoors?

Kim: Well, I enjoy adventuring and exploring and being outside. I'm leaning into that a lot more. But again, it's one of those things have come outside of your comfort zone. Don't get it twisted. We ain't out there glamping. We are roughing it. Parker don't look like this on her adventures (laughs.)

Adventures in Christmasing premieres this Monday, November 29 on VH1.

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