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JRW Players Still Waiting To Receive Championship Rings

(CBS) -- Members of the Jackie Robinson West Little League team are still waiting for a special gift.

There are 16 beautiful rings that have been all paid for and are just sitting at Lester Lampert Jewelers because Mayor Rahm Emanuel hasn't gotten around to delivering them to the team members as he said he would, even though the team was stripped of its Little League title in February.

Fraline Kipnis of Lester Lampert Jewelers says everyone has just been too busy.

"I don't know why it hasn't happened yet," Kipnis said. "I think it is a timing thing at this point to connect with everyone's schedules including the mayor's."


The rings were a gift from an anonymous donor and all hand-crafted at Lester Lampert. They're described as either white gold or sterling silver -- each one with a team member's name etched into them, and they apparently have a diamond in them.

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