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Investigators Search Property Where The Bodies Of 2 Indiana Teens Were Found

CHICAGO (CBS) – Indiana investigators served a search warrant to the owner of the property where the bodies of two teens were found.

While the owner is not a suspect at this time, he is being held on another charge. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker takes a closer look at this developing case.

"You'd never think someone would be murdered in your backyard."

Ron Logan owns the property where the bodies of Liberty German and Abby Williams were found. Just days after their murders last month, Logan spoke with local reporters.

"I don't recall anything like this every happening, a double murder," Logan said. "This is a first. This is crazy."

Logan's property was back in the spotlight on Friday. This time crawling with investigators who have a warrant to search his home, shed, anything he owns. As part of the search, Logan's car was towed.

This crime happened more than a month ago and investigators are just now searching his home, why so long?

"This is not the first time we're dealing with Logan," said Sgt. John Perrine, Indiana State Police PIO. "We've spoken to him throughout the investigation. We investigate these things as new information comes forward and that information leads us to further the investigation."

Logan is already in police custody on a parole violation. Sources told CBS 2 he was arrested for drunk driving.

Sgt. Perrine said he does not know if Logan had a personal relationship with the girls or their families.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker asked Sgt. Perrine if he had any idea of what investigators are looking for.

"Any evidence, anything that a he's connected to this crime or B he's 100 percent not connected," Sgt. Perrine said.

Police stress Logan is not a suspect. He is part of the investigation that included follow-up on more than 13,000 tips and the search for this man in photos taken by German before she died.

Indiana Trail Man
Police say this man was on an Indiana trail around the time that two girls were; the teen were later found dead. (Indiana State Police)

Tucker asked if Sgt. Perrine thought the man in the photo could be Logan.

"The man is the photo is middle aged and white," Sgt. Perrine said. "Mr. Logan is also a white male. At this point we can't verify anything."

Investigators say they still have no strong leads about the identity of the man in the photo, so they're still asking for the public's help.

The reward is now $231,000.

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