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Video Gaming Revenue Continues To Rise; Surpasses Casinos

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Revenues from video gaming are outpacing those from casinos for the first time in Illinois.

Video gaming machines brought in $296 million to Illinois during 12 months, while casinos generated $270 million, which is a $7 million drop from the year before.

Eric Noggle, who's with the state's Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability, says "as video gaming has gone up, River Boat Casino revenue has gone down. But overall, statewide, we definitely see more revenue from two gaming sources."

Gaming revenue in Illinois has gone up 58.9 percent since 2012.

The surge in video gaming is good news for the state's capital fund, as it gets the tax revenue. On the other hand, the drop in taxes from casinos, which go to the state's education fund, is bad news for schools.


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