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Illinois FOID Cards And Concealed Carry Licenses To Be Streamlined In 2022

CHICAGO (CBS) -- New changes are coming in the new year for gun owners, as Illinois State Police streamline the FOID card and concealed carry license (CCL) process.

As Firearm Owners Identification cards are replaced in 2022, new cards will be printed without expiration dates. When a new FOID card is issued, if the cardholder has a concealed carry license, they will be issued a combined FOID card and CCL.

State police hope this new process will help with the months-long backlog of FOID card applications.

In addition, when FOID cards are suspended, if the cardholder has a concealed carry license, the CCL will be suspended until the FOID card is reinstated. When the FOID card is reinstated, the CCL also will be reinstated.

When a CCL is suspended or revoked, but a person is still eligible to keep their FOID card, they will be able to retain their combined FOID/CCL, but the state's Law Enforcement Automated Data System will show the CCL has been suspended or revoked.

When a FOID card expires while a CCL is still valid, the FOID card will be automatically renewed without having to pay a renewal fee, and the license holder will be sent a new combined FOID card and CCL without an expiration date printed on the card.

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