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Ice Chunk Smashes Through Ravenswood Manor Roof

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's not unusual to get icy precipitation this time of year, but it's not supposed to weigh 15 pounds and punch a huge hole in your roof.

When 51-year-old John Connors came home Thursday night, he found a mess of debris and chunks of ice all over his floor, and a hole in the ceiling of his apartment in the 4600 block of North Francisco Avenue.

His cat, Oscar, was not hurt, but was freaked out.

Ice Chunk Hole
A chunk of ice crashed through the roof of John Connors' apartment in Ravenswood Manor. He believes the ice might have come from a plane, as his home sits under a flight path for O'Hare International Airport. (Credit: John Connors/Facebook)

When he looked at the hole in the ceiling, he could see the sky, and a broken roof beam.

"There's what looks to be a 2x12 that is absolutely smashed from the top," said in a video he posted on his Facebook page.

A neighbor heard the ice hit the roof around 11:30 a.m., and told the Sun-Times it sounded like an explosion.

Ice Chunk
John Connors holds his cat, Oscar, after a large chunk of ice crashed through his roof. Connor wasn't home when it happened and Oscar was not hurt. (Credit: John Connors/Facebook)

His home sits under a flight path for O'Hare International Airport, and Connors figured the ice chunk might have fallen from a plane.

"This had to be an incredible impact," he said. "It had to be going at an incredible rate of speed."

Connor said it appeared the falling ice caused some structural damage to the roof, as some beams and joists seemed to have come loose.

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