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I.T. Professionals In Chicago Use Social Media To Grow Businesses

When many people think of the I.T. field, inevitably their minds will either go to complicated computer programming or simple aspects of virus control. However, the I.T. field is vast and encompasses much more than just the technical aspects of computing. A great example is how the emergence of social media has been used as a marketing tool for companies both small and large. With the popularity in social media being used as a marketing tool, eBizUniverse has emerged as a leading company that focuses on helping businesses grow through technology.

Thomas Varghese, founder and CEO, eBizUniverse Inc. (photo courtesy of Thomas Varghese)
Thomas Varghese, founder and CEO, eBizUniverse Inc. (photo courtesy of Thomas Varghese)

Thomas Varghese is the founder and CEO of eBizUniverse Inc., an online marketing agency located just outside of Chicago. Thomas provides insight on how this flourishing market is changing the way businesses prosper.

What is eBizUniverse's primary focus?

"I founded the company in 2007. This online marketing agency specializes in advanced social media, internet marketing, and mobile and web design. It helps businesses grow by developing and implementing online marketing strategies that generate sales and leads online."

What is your experience within the I.T. field?

"I have over 16 years of experience in the I.T. industry. I also have been invited to speak on social media at several events, most recently at the Black Women's Expo that was held in April 2013 at the McCormick Place in Chicago. Prior to founding eBizUniverse, I held several positions at different firms that range from Fortune 500 companies to Big Four consulting firms. My positions ranged from consultant to senior consultant and manager."

What are some of the duties in your position at your company?

"Most businesses have limited knowledge of how social media and SEO -- Search Engine Optimization -- can be used to grow their business. We focus on the overall online presence of the company and make recommendations based on it by assessing what their strengths are and address their weaknesses. We use social media, SEO, mobile and building websites that sell."

How has your education helped your overall success?

"I hold a bachelor's degree in engineering and began working for a major consulting firm where I got the chance to work in business and software consulting. This is when online marketing started gaining steam and companies like Google were taking market shares. I started educating myself in this field by attending seminars and online courses and gained valuable exposure. Since I was familiar with the industry, I tested out many strategies on my own and developed successful systems. Since then, eBizUniverse has been growing and adding several new clients as there has been great interest from businesses who know they need it but aren't sure what to do."

Sara Lugardo is a professional writer out of Chicago, Illinois. She has a Bachelor's in Communication and is currently working on her Master's. Her work can be found on

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