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How To Stay Chic In The Snow

Chicago is a wonderful city with a lot to offer its diverse and equally interesting population. With that being said, one primary drawback is the unpredictable Midwest climate. Every winter Chicago gets a fair amount of snow, which presents many challenges not only getting from point A to B, but also staying chic and fashionable doing so. I have personally spent years figuring out ways to stay fashionable in the snow and slush and I would like to share my following finds and recommendations!

12/20 Shopping & Style Coats


First lets start with keeping your torso toasty in the chilled sub zero temps and blowing snow! Sometimes the weather is just too crisp to flaunt your favorite leather bomber or even wool military style coat, in those cases you may need to turn to furs, faux furs and down lined coats. In the past these coats offered little to no fashion appeal, but currently there are many chic varieties available. My first find is from Nordstrom, this amazing faux fur animal print by Weatherproof number for $138 This fully lined plush coat will offer you all the warmth of real fur but without the high maintenance and up keep. Take this out in the biggest blizzard and feel confident this piece will withstand the Chicago winter elements while keeping you warm and fashionable.

Next I found this fabulous goose down filled coat at Cabelas for a great deal. This coat not only offers a sleek silhouette, but a thick outer finish making this coat not only durable to the elements of rain and snow, but also stain resistant. This coat is longer in length (40") to provide warmth all the way to your thighs! Trust that the sturdiness, waterproof, and resistant qualities can take you from a snowball fight to over your holiday dress as you flutter from holiday party to holiday party in the glistening snow.

12/20 Shopping & Style Boots 1


Next lets keep our tootsies warm with many boot solutions to carry you through the snowy months! If you are like me, you wear heels 365 days a year and the inseams of our jeans and trousers are meant for the length of a heel. Instead of hemming or buying additional jeans and trousers I found some great heeled boots that will offer not only warmth, but also steady walking in ice and snow! First I spotted these come-hither tall black boots by Carlos Santana as found at Macy's for $129. These boots offer a sleek style and great heel with a treaded sole for walking on the ice and snow sidewalks of Chicago. Don't give up your nightlife in this great city because you don't want to park, sludge and slip to your favorite spot. Pick up these boots and feel confident and sexy as you walk the winter streets. For added warmth, get in a half-size bigger and wear with your favorite knit socks and no one will know the difference! Another great winter boot look I'm obsessed with is the heeled hiking boot also from Macy's for $99.95. This will appeal to a more casual look, but still give you the height, sturdiness, and warmth as you run your errands in the frigid weather. Pair with fun warm socks to complete your lumberjack chic winter look!

12/20 Shopping & Style Boots 2

If you feel safer sticking to flats this winter, there are plenty of sharp and functional boots to choose from. First, I found this ultra stylish boot from Aldo well worth the $100 price tag. This boot not only offers great fashion, but amazing function. It is nicely lined and has great rubber treading at the sole. Just add your favorite leather winterizing products and you are set to gallivant all winter. Dress this boot down by wearing over your favorite cold weather jeans or dress up with wool tights and a great dress.

Finally if you just want a good old-fashioned snow boot with pizzazz, then look no further than Sorel's 'Tofino' boot at Nordstrom for $139.95. If you adored your wellies all Spring then this is the boot for you. It resembles a rain boot but offers lining and protection from the winter elements. This snow boot with a twist is perfect for a day of sledding or snowmobiling or for any of your casually chic winter days!

12/20 Shopping & Style Accessories 1


After finding solutions for your torso and feet, it's now time to think about your legs, hands, and head! In fashion lately I have noticed a lot of delicate socks with shoes and boots. Why not bring that look into the winter months and add function? You can accomplish this by finding a chic pair of knit gaiters or leg warmers and wear inside or outside of your boots and booties! I found these affordable leg warmers at American Apparel for a mere $16 and in a WIDE variety of colors. If you have some low booties or oxfords add a pair of these over or if you have your favorite pair of taller boots wear underneath and peek-a-boo your leg warmers for a more subtly chic look! Next I found snoods still going strong in the world of winter fashion! Snoods are a versatile solution that can act as hat (hoods) or scarves.

See also: infinity or circle scarves. Keep your neck and head warm simultaneously with this snood from also American Apparel for $29.

12/20 Shopping & Style Accessories 2

If snoods don't strike your fancy, berets are a chic and fun way to keep your head warm and look great on just about everybody. Experiment with a wide array of colors or add a brooch to customize your look! I found this great affordable beret at Nordstrom for $24 and in a wide variety of hues, very on spot with this winter trend.

And finally keep your hands warm with mittens! Mittens are a fun way to keep warm this winter. Find a pair in an unexpected color or pattern like these uber warm uber cute pair from Modcloth for $42.99.

Missy Pegues is a stay at home mother running an online vintage clothing and accessories site through Her deep-rooted affection for fashion, particularly vintage and vintage inspired pieces have blossomed into an interior design hobby. She finds many parallels in designing a space as with designing a great and fashionable look.
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